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The specialty of BCP! For many years, BCP paints all kinds of bicycles of many different brands. One of these brands is GAZELLE. For the brand KOGO, we only paint special designs (Leontien van Moorsel and Theo Bos). For DUELL and HERWERDEN, we are able to spray everything (handmade frames). For examples you can take a look at the pictures on our website.
Every bicycle that BCP paints is delivered untouched. This means it is delivered in a frame and front fork. If the bicycles come in a certain metal they are made greaseproof at first. After that they will be sandblasted in a special cabin. Forks made out of Carbon will be covered during the sandblasting, so it will not get damaged. After the sandblasting, the frames will be checked if any paint is left behind. Then, the frames will be sanded in order for the paint to fully attach to it. After all this, the frames will be etched. This is to prevent the frames from rust underneath the paint.


After the etching process, the frames are placed into the oven in order to get the right temperature that is needed to put the basic coating on the frames. The basic coating is the last coating underneath the color coating. This is the basis for the color. Now, the desired coating can be sprayed on to the frame. If there are special desires like different colors or text on the frame, the areas will be neatly taped so that this can be done later. This can be done by the use of templates. Because of the templates, stickers are not used for this anymore. The last stage of painting a frame is the fair or neutral coating. This type of coating protects the other coatings and makes the frame shine. Standard, the coating is two layers and that is adequate. For a surcharge you can choose for a special fair coating and this comes in four layers. The end result is stunning!


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